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Our Featured Projects.

Project no.1  Hoise of Sanjo-cho

This project is a housing for a couple and three children.

This house is in a residential area about 15 minutes away from the center of Takamatsu city by car.

Project no.2 Guesthouse at Marugame-Machi

This project is a renovation work of over 40 years old house.

I redesigned the entrance hall.

Project no.3  House of Ichinomiya-cho

In the repair plan of this house, at first , I aimed at improving the performance against the earthquake.


However, in view of future living, the repair plan has extended to various fields.

Project no.4 House of Mure-cho

This house was planned for a couple and four children.

It is in a quiet residential area on the hill.


Project no.5  House at the foot of satoyama

This house was planned for married couple and two children.


It is located at the foot of "Satoyama" in the suburbs of Takamatsu city, and a rice field spreads around it.

Project no.6  A house at the foot of Yashima

The renovation plan for this house was a request from a young couple.

The house where the client 's father was raised was renovated to live three generations.


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